Lanny Cline says,

Cassie Ragsdell, Co-Parenting Coach says, "I went from idea to full on presence online in 2 months. Your insight was incredible!"

Lanny Cline says,

Lanny Cline says, "My life did a 360 in under 3 months financially, personally, and in my business. Pam changed my life."

Marj H. says,

Marj H. says, "Sometimes breakthroughs come because we feel supported. Thank you Pam for the inner work.."

What Do You Have In The Fridge and Pantry?

All cooks eventually hit the brick wall of NO IDEAS FOR DINNER TONIGHT!! This happens alot with myself and my two daughters. We call one another and probe into each other’s meal plan and see what sparks inspiration. This either results in the same meal being duplicated across multiple families or some variation and original creation. […]

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Daily Shareable: Today I Choose To Be Happy. . .

Today I Choose To Be Happy

Happiness is a state of mind. If it doesn’t come natural to you, then it’s a decision. No problem, just decide to be happier. TODAY I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.   In order to experience happiness you don’t have to be in a state of elation. To step up a level, all you have to do is […]

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Awareness/Principle No.1 in living a #LifeRedesigned

Gift of Awareness

We all have gifts. Many, we all share. Such as the ability to be conscious or aware of what you sense and how you feel. Principle #1 of living a life by design is accessing the spiritual gift of AWARENESS.  Awareness is the conscious knowing of  what your senses are communicating to you.  We’ve all said things […]

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Cute Giraffe Give Thanks. Gratitude and Giving

Give Thanks And Boost Your Immune System

The research has been in for a few years now. According to the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, science has proven being in a state of thankfulness and gratitude, has it’s perks. Positive mindsets build stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure. Benefits of Gratitude, Thanks, and Appreciation Higher levels of positive emotions. Feel the […]

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