Using (MTT) Mindful Transformation Techniques, Mini-Meditations, and Practical Life Tools, YOU TOO, can find more meaningful relationships, make more money, feel self-fulfilled, sleep better, grieve less, and be happy in life. 

By creating daily practices and establishing new mindsets my clients become more self-sufficient and positive thinking. 

  • This is for you if you’re open to a new way of approaching life.  

  • This is for you, if you’re curious about mini-meditation or mindfulness.

  • This is for you, if you lack the simple life tools that help you trust your own judgement, set and respect boundaries, and help you focus your priorities. 

This is NOT FOR YOU, if you’re not ready to let go of excuses, open to new scientific ways of maneuvering life and feeling joy, or not ready for change. Because change will happen when you take responsibility for your life.

I work with no-nonsense men, but mostly entrepreneurial women tired of feeling unfulfilled, but are ABSOLUTELY ready to create positive change in their lives now. 

I teach you in ways that are fun, concepts that are easy to grasp, and practical life tools that anyone can use, forever. Consciously, making positive changes and taking responsibility for my life led me to happiness, self-fulfillment, and a way to make a difference in the world.

Life will mirror back to you your state of mind and emotional environment. If you’re not experiencing positive changes or enjoying your way of life, it may be helpful to read my new e-book, ”I Am My Reflection” Grab your free copy >>

Hello. I am Pam McCall.  I am a Successful Business Owner and Certified Life Coach. Because of my experiences, expertise, and client success, I can help you create a life of ongoing positive change

  • I want to invite you to my private online community of women who are kicking fear of change to the curb, flipping their scripts and old stories, and committing to positive change.

  • You’ll be introduced to fun ways to practice awareness and mindfulness. This will help you get grounded, de-stress, sleep more, and get focused on your dreams while feeling less confused about your priorities or purpose in life. Such a great way to enjoy life

  • You’ll become more comfortable making decisions and taking chances

  • Life should not be so hard. It should be fun to learn new things, invest in yourself, and be successful in business. I want you to enjoy the process.

  • If you’re ready to make a shift in thinking, refresh your business approach, or modify your lifestyle to meet your dreams and desires, then I invite you to consider getting on the WAIT LIST and joining us in  ‘COMMIT TO POSITIVE CHANGE’   OPENING Spring 2018.