Women and Entrepreneurs are starting to shift. Making decisions based on a stagnant comfort zone or someone else’s opinions or agendas is out and self-fulfillment is in. I want to support that movement.

Women in business aren’t feeling satisfied, because they are afraid. Could fear of judgement, fear of success or failure, fear of not being enough, doing enough, or making a big enough difference be crippling your success too?

Fear based lifestyles, especially fear of change or claiming your own wants and needs, are depleting us of happiness and our true potential.  

Are you allowing fear to dictate your hopes and dreams? Most importantly. . . Are you ready for change?

I believe when we start investing in our own happiness, the world around us will change and the movement will empower the masses.

  • Start by being honest with your self, make sure you believe the words you speak and the thoughts you’re thinking. 

  • Follow the ease in life; it’s your soul, your internal guidance system’s way of supporting you.

  • I care about you as a person, as business owner, as a person sharing energy with me in this world.

If you work with me, this is more of who you’re working with. 

  • I use words like universe, law of attraction, and alignment.

  • I cuss, eat fast food, and am addicted to Dr. Pepper.

  • I lift weights, meditate, and believe in universal laws.

  • I eat things like Diatomaceous Earth and Coconut Oil.

  • I research and study the hell out of personal development, online business/marketing, and alternative well-being.

  • If you want to be an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a solution to someone else’s problem, then I want to see you succeed.

  • I celebrate over 35 years as an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Life/Business/Spiritual Coach.

  • I know when I feel judged I am judging and I have to look inside myself for change. People and Nature are our mirrors. I am no different from you, just doing my best to get back to center every day.

  • I want you to experience a business that allow you freedom of choice, in every aspect of your life.

 When we know better, we do better. ~ Maya Angelou

  • GMO foods scare me. I believe they threaten our future.

  • I cannot understand irresponsible or abusive child or animal treatment.

  • My family is my rock, my main priority in life. My family is my Husband, 4 Kids (My 2 daughters and the 2 great men who married them), and 6 Grandkids. We’re Midwest people with good hearts and practical intentions. I feel alive and self-fulfilled when I am practicing or teaching online business, spiritual awareness, and personal development.

  • I feel a sense of personal and spiritual connection with animals. Save the bees, neuter and spay your dogs and cats, and do your part to help release all wild animals from captivity in zoos and carnivals. Don’t support them by using them as entertainment.

  • I worry about the state of our drug addicted generations and their recovery. I believe they’re good people trapped inside an almost impossible way out of misery and suffering because they are unable to do it alone. Their recovery is crucial to our way of life. #Don’tFeedAddiction #SupportLongTermCareSolutions


If you’re ready to create change in your life, and stop running your business or living life based on fear, I am ready to help you fulfill your dreams as a business person or someone seeking personal happiness.

Ready to get to work and create change in your life? APPLY FOR A STRATEGY CALL WITH PAM.

It’s free. It’s focused and it will help you figure out, as a woman or entrepreneur, your next steps to overcoming obstacles standing in the way of your happiness or success.     APPLY NOW!

Everyone loves a good Success Story

Mary Lou Uttermohlen Photogrpaher

“Pam has good intuition. She focused on the weaknesses in my business plan and helped me address my real issues.”She helped me overcome my blind spots.”

~MaryLou Uttermohlen,New Orleans Photographer

More clients share their thoughts about Pam:

Results oriented. Turns Problems Into Solutions, Solutions Into Success. INTEGRITY driven! TENACIOUS with your life or business vision.

Irene Pickney – Teleflora Quality Assurance Technician / TexasPERSONAL TESTIMONY

Pam I’ve known you for over 30 years!

Through the years you have shown an aptitude for getting to the heart of a situation and working to resolve issues and accomplish tasks.

You have insight that most people don’t have. Your ability allows you to cut through the fluff and make a difference in anything you undertake.

I’d trust you with anything. You have proven to be an asset in my world.

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